We Handle It
Cytus handles every detail of receiving, storing and delivering samples, freeing up manufacturers and retailers to concentrate on what they do best. The result: lower costs, reduced risk and greater efficiency.

We simplify the process of delivering and managing samples by creating a seamless connection between manufacturer and retailer, serving as your trustworthy face, brain, eyes and ears. We eliminate the need for you to build and manage a sample management logistics program. We give you more time to focus on your business.

The Risks and Pressures of Sample Management

Retailers have direct access to manufacturers around the globe like never before. Yet companies newly adopting this direct relationship are often shocked by the exorbitant cost of sample management: receipt, delivery, assembly, and storage – services they had previously taken for granted. Once provided by the manufacturer’s sales organization, these services are now the full responsibility of the manufacturer.

The logistics of sample management are complex, and the stakes are high. When samples do not arrive on schedule or as expected, the result is loss of business.

Wondering how it works? Review our Sample Management Scenarios to discover the practical value of Cytus and the risk of doing it alone.

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